Personality Tributes...


The Real Don Steele: Ronnie’s favorite jock of all time! I didn’t emulate The Real Don Steele when I was “On the Air” But I learned early on, thanks to 93 KHJ’s PD Gerry Cagle, that “OLDIES” is what I should pursue. Gerry called me into his office to tell me, “Ronnie, I heard your show Saturday morning. I said, “you were up at 6am? He replied, I listen to the station 24/7. That is when he told me about “my mind” set was OLDIES. So I took that and other pointers from other PD’s along the way as to develop an original style to go along with my quality voice.

The Great Robert W. Morgan: Robert W. was not only original in style, but his delivery is what I studied for years. As they say today, “He had it going on”. To sum it up, he was a natural.

93 KHJ studio’s: The legendary studio’s in HOLLYWOOD , CA. This is the power house radio station where you could not only hear Robert W. Morgan and The Real Don Steele, but they and others delivered the Rhythm of Los Angeles. I think back to those summer days when I was going to the beach, and their voices were blasting out of the speakers of our car. Then without missing a beat, as soon as you got out of your car somebody lying on the sandy beaches was tuned to the legendary 93 KHJ! Radio was just a part of everybody’s life, and a way of life.

Casey Kasem: Yes, his name is synonymous with American Top 40 count down. I would listen every week to Casey and the incredible way he would delivered up all the information on every artist, as they would near the number 1 top spot. He definitely influenced me, that information was essential to the delivery of the music.

Rick Dees: Los Angeles Air personality. And that he was! Rick had Los Angeles’ ear. This morning guy not only took Los Angeles by storm during the infamous gas crunch while at The legendary 93 KHJ studios, but he got us through it. I can remember listening one morning, while waiting in the 1 mile line of cars to get gas, (because my license plate was an even #) Rick Dees was out on location somewhere in the San Fernando Valley handing out donuts “personally” to some of those uptight ready to you know what people, waiting in line for gas. I guess after all the years of listening to Rick Dees he taught me the “one on one”. When you are driving in your car or listening at home, you felt like he was talking to just you.

MG Kelly: Though no one knew during the “early years” of my tenure of radio, MG Kelly would listen to my air checks, and reply back with his critique. I met MG Kelly when I was with Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds/Dennison The band knew him and as a favor to the band, MG Kelly (though he was the hottest jock in Los Angeles at the time, at the legendary 93 KHJ) MG Kelly still took the time to say: Ladies and Gentlemen, HJF&R! This was all before I even thought of getting into radio professionally. I remember thinking, Wow! I’m sitting next to the #1 jock in Los Angeles!!! Thank you all for your incredible drive and determination, to do what came natural.