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Ronnie Rush started his journey in the music business long ago. At the early age of 2 he started to get the gift of gab. Then at the age of 10, he started to think of a radio name. Ronnie’s influences came from radio and the personalities that were blowing through the radio speakers, in the early 60’s. Such talents as The Great Robert W. Morgan and The Real Don Steele, Ronnie’s favorite jock of all time.

Growing up in Southern California had some great opportunities for Ronnie. Living near Malibu beach to enjoy and weekends in the mountains, and venturing out all over the valley as time passed. As a teenager, Ronnie’s interest in music grew, especially when Ed Sullivan introduced to the world, The Beatles! I was hooked he said, after hearing, “I want to hold your hand.” It was a smash hit! #1 and I knew then music was for me. He continues to say; that there seemed to be a feel for picking a hit record. I had a knack for picking a hit & telling where Casey Kasem would land it on the Top 40 Countdown.

Soon, in his late teens, Ronnie was meeting musicians and got an offer to be a roadie. As soon as a year or so had passed the group Ronnie worked for had got an offer to be the front band and tour with such acts as the Drifters and Shirelles . What an experience! He said, Wow here I am on tour and meeting all these great musicians I was listening to as a kid on the radio. Ronnie was then introduced to, Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds. They needed a roadie to go on tour with them and of course he accepted. Life changed at that moment. Now, the level of musicians Ronnie was meeting, all had hits in the current top 40 Billboard magazine. Even on tour we had time to stop and see a concert. There I was walking back stage with HJF&R to meet Karen & Richard Carpenter. Their band called The Carpenters. Then it was off to Chet Huntley’s Ranch in Bozeman Montana to do a benefit concert. At the resort we all got our own bungalow cabin. By the time we did the show we were having a meal with such stars as, The Skipper from Gilligan’s Island. Miss Donna Douglas of the Beverly Hillbillies, sat right next to me while we ate. Wow, there at the end of the table was Joey Heatherton (she did the SERTA mattress commercial) This all was around the mid 70’s.

Ronnie continues to say, even checking into the Holiday Inn you could turn around and see other artist hanging around waiting to get a room. Such artists like Seals & Crofts Boz Scaggs to mention a few. Those were the days!

After the group broke up I decided to get into radio. I was in Sacramento, CA when I attended National Broadcasting School. I graduated at the top of my class with honors, and outstanding achievements in the year 1985. 20 years I dedicated my life to the radio gig. Since radio changed (in my view) that live jocks 24/7 across the USA were no longer needed, I decided to change careers. In 2005 I did my first concert as promoter, and now in 2006 I’m working on another.

I do know one thing is for sure, nothing comes to anyone easy. You have to work hard and even harder to get over that hump that will eventually welcome the arrival of all your hard work. I see now just how hard it must have been for promoter Bill Graham, when he started out. So my advise to all who get an opportunity to read this is 3 things. Never give up, Never give up, Never give up!

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